Badge: Frog Follower

Badge Description

In this badge, you’ll use both visual and audio cues to help differentiate the nearly 7,000 types of frogs that exist today.  Each frog species has a unique call, that can be distinguished beyond more than just a ‘ribbit’ through careful listening. Frogs are also known for being indicator species and the health of an indicator species can reflect the health of an ecosystem. Learn more in an online interactive walk, with a Smithsonian scientist. Finally, from bright colors, to spots and even chevron stripes, frog species differ greatly in appearance and in some species, their appearance serves as camouflage. You’ll join other citizen scientists to help document the locations of frog species around the world through captured images and species identification.

Completing this Badge successfully means...

Completing this means you recognize unique characteristics of frogs and value their important role in ecosystems.